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Календар свят України. Граматика української мови
Слушать онлайн Энерджи Украина #radiobells_embed
Главная » 2018 » Май » 27 » 26 May 2018                                               A.R.I. DX Bulletin                                    No 1412
26 May 2018                                               A.R.I. DX Bulletin                                    No 1412

26 May 2018                                               A.R.I. DX Bulletin
                                   No 1412

                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ****  DX  INFORMATION  ****
                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                        Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

9A     - Look for Marco, 9A/IV3WMS to be active  from  Solta Island (EU-016)
         from 25 May to 6 June. He will operate SSB and on the HF bands. QSL
         via home call, direct or bureau. [TNX NG3K]
EI     - The EIDX Group will activate all Irish IOTA groups  between  1 June
         and 30 September.  They will use EI0DXG  from the  main  island  of
         Ireland (EU-115), and EJ0DXG from the other groups as follows:
         15-18 June       EU-103
         20-22 July       EU-007  to be confirmed
         24-26 August     EU-121  to be confirmed
         13-16 September  EU-006
         The  first  activity  will  take  place  from  Little Saltee Island
         (EU-103) on 15-18 June. Plans are for three stations to operate CW,
         SSB and digital modes on the HF bands and 6 metres. Updates will be
         posted to https://www.facebook.com/groups/185038478993063/. QSL via
         M0OXO's OQRS.  A plaque  will be  available  for working  all  four
         groups, with EI0DXG as a wildcard (see http://dxwanted.net/).  [TNX
I      - Launched in 1904, the 'Elettra' was a two-masted steam  yacht  that
         Guglielmo  Marconi  used  as  a  floating  laboratory   for    many
         experiments. Part of her  keel  stands  in  the  grounds  of  Villa
         Griffone, at Pontecchio near Bologna, from where ARI  Fidenza  will
         be active as II4AMP during the Museum Ships  Weekend on  2-3  June.
         QSL via bureau to IQ4FE. [TNX IW4CLV]
OH0    - Juha, OH5CW and the OH5C group will be active  as OG0C  and  OG0C/p
         from  Kokar (grid square KO09), one  of the Aland Islands (EU-002),
         on 2-6 June. They will operate CW, SSB and FT8 on 80-2 metres.  QSL
         via OH5CW and possibly LoTW. [TNX The Daily DX]
OZ     - Special event stations OZ50HRH and 5P0HRH  (as well as  OX50HRH and
         OX5HRH from Greenland) will be active  on  26 May to celebrate  the
         50th birthday of H.R.H. the Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark.  Look
         for activity on  all bands and modes.  QSL via Club Log's OQRS.  An
         award will be available, see OZ50HRH on qrz.com for information.
PZ     - Olli, OH0XX is active  as PZ5XX  from  Lelydorp, Suriname  until 29
         May, including an entry in the CQ WW WPX CW Contest. He operates CW
         on  160-10 metres.  QSL via LoTW,  Club Log's  OQRS, or  via  OH0XX
         (direct or bureau). [TNX The Daily DX]
UA     - The FIFA World Cup is a quadrennial international football (soccer)
         tournament contested by  the  men's national  teams of  the  member
         associations  of  the   Federation   Internationale   de   Football
         Association.  This year's  edition is scheduled  to  take place  in
         Russia.  HQ stations RU18WC and R18REF will be active from  14 June
         to 15 July for the "Football  World Cup Radio Marathon". During the
         same period,  43 special callsigns  will be active to represent the
         32 national teams qualified to play the tournament and the  11 host
         cities:  R18ARG (Argentina),  R18AUS (Australia), R18BEL (Belgium),
         R18BRA (Brazil),  R18COL (Colombia),  R18CRC  (Costa Rica),  R18CRO
         (Croatia),  R18DEN (Denmark),  R18EGY  (Egypt),  R18ENG  (England),
         R18ESP (Spain),  R18FRA (France), R18GER (Germany),  R18IRN (Iran),
         R18ISL  (Iceland),  R18JPN (Japan),  R18KOR (Korea),  R18KSA (Saudi
         Arabia),  R18MAR  (Morocco),  R18MEX  (Mexico),  R18NGA  (Nigeria),
         R18PAN (Panama), R18PER (Peru), R18POL (Poland), R18POR (Portugal),
         R18RUS  (Russia),   R18SEN  (Senegal),   R18SRB  (Serbia),   R18SUI
         (Switzerland), R18SWE (Sweden), R18TUN (Tunisia), R18URU (Uruguay),
         RC18EK (Ekaterinburg), RC18KA (Kaliningrad), RC18KZ (Kazan), RC18MO
         (Moscow), RC18NN (Nizhny Novgorod), RC18RO (Rostov-on-Don),  RC18SA
         (Samara),   RC18SO  (Sochi),  RC18SP   (Saint-Petersburg),   RC18SR
         (Saransk),  RC18VG  (Volgograd).  Complete  information   will   be
         published on http://fwc18.hamlogs.net/.
V6     - Tosy JA3FGJ (V63GJ),  Sanny JJ3CIG (V63SS) and  Mami JP3AYQ (V63YL)
         will be active as V6J from Ta Island in the  Mortlok group (OC-254)
         in early July (dates TBA). This IOTA group was activated  only once
         back in 2002.  They will operate  CW, SSB, RTTY and FT8  on 40, 30,
         20, 17, 15 and  6 metres.  While on Pohnpei (OC-010)  they  will be
         using their personal V6 callsigns. QSL V6J via Club Log's OQRS,  or
         direct only via JP3AYQ;  QSL others via home call.  Updates will be
         posted to https://www.qrz.com/lookup/V6J. Joe, JJ3PRT will be their
         pilot station.
VK     - VK5CE's final update on  https://vkiota.wordpress.com/vk5ce-6/  now
         includes  updated  operation  dates,   propagation  forecasts   and
         operating times/bands for all six islands of his IOTA Tour:
            02 June  VK5CE/6  Rottnest island    OC-164
         04-07 June  VK5CE/6  East Lewis Island  OC-199
         08-11 June  VK5CE/6  Direction Island   OC-140
         15-18 June  VK5CE/6  Cheyne Island      OC-193
         20-23 June  VK5CE/6  Woody Island       OC-170
         27-29 June  VK5CE/p  St Peter Island    OC-220
         QSL via Club Log's OQRS for direct cards only (see the website  for
         direct links  to  the six  logsearches), or  via  VK5CE  (direct or
         bureau). Those who send in sponsorship before the DXpedition,  will
         automatically receive a QSL for all  IOTAs they are  in the log of,
         plus "a special VK IOTA  fridge magnet gift".  Those who work Craig
         from 5 out of the 6 IOTAs  can apply  for the  "VK IOTA Tour Award"
         (free of charge) that also commemorates the 25th anniversary of the
         Russian Robinson Club. See the website for the details.
VP2V   - Kevin, K6TOP will be active again VP2V/K6TOP from  Tortola, British
         Virgin Islands (NA-023) from  23 May to  1 June.  He operates CW on
         40, 30, 20 and 17 metres.  QSL via LoTW or direct to NR6M. [TNX The
         Daily DX]
YB     - Special event  station  YB50AR  will  be  active  on  1-30 June  to
         celebrate  the  50th anniversary  of the  Organisasi  Amatir  Radio
         Indonesia (ORARI), Indonesia's IARU member society.  In addition to
         the HQ station, other 32 special callsigns will be active from  the
         32 ORARI Subdivisions (ORARI Daerah) over the same period:  YB50AC,
         YB50BA,  YB50BB, YB50BE,  YB50BT, YB50GO,  YB50JA, YB50JB,  YB50JI,
         YB50JK,  YB50JT,  YB50KB, YB50KI,  YB50KR, YB50KS,  YB50KT, YB50LA,
         YB50MA, YB50MU,  YB50NB,  YB50NT, YB50PA,  YB50RI, YB50SA,  YB50SB,
         YB50SG, YB50SN, YB50SR, YB50SS, YB50ST, YB50SU and YB50YO. QSLs via
         LoTW (no paper  cards  will be issued).  Information on  the  ORARI
         Golden Anniversary Awards will be posted to http://www.orari.or.id/

CQ WW WPX CW CONTEST --->  The  following  stations   have  announced  their
participation in this year's event (26-27 May):
Call        Category          DXCC                  QSL       
3V8SS       SO                Tunisia               LotW/LX1NO
4K6FO       SOAB LP           Azerbaijan            LoTW/DC9RI
4L2M        SOSB 160m HP      Georgia               EA7FTR
6Y6N        SO                Jamaica               DK9PY
8P1W        SOAB LP           Barbados              KU9C
8P5A        SOAB HP           Barbados              LotW/HA1AG
9H3EE       SOAB LP           Malta                 LoTW/OZ1BII
9K2GS       SOAB              Kuwait                LoTW/EC5AC
9M6NA       SOAB HP           East Malaysia         LoTW/JE1JKL
A25VR                         Botswana              VE7VR
AH2R        M/?               Guam                  LoTW/JH7QXJ
B4T         M/?               China                 BA4TB
B7P         M/?               China                 BA4EG
CR3DX       SOAB HP           Madeira               OM2VL
CR3W        M/?               Madeira               DL5AXX
E2A         SOAB HP           Thailand              LoTW/E21EIC
ED5X        M/?               Spain                 LoTW
EF8R        SOAB              Canary Isls           LoTW/EB7DX
EX8MJ       SOAB LP           Kyrgyzstan            qrz.com
GB60OT                        England               G3KPU
GU3HFN                        Guernsey              qrz.com
HC2GRC      SOAB LP           Ecuador               LoTW
HQ9X        M/?               Honduras              LoTW/KQ1F
LY4A        M/?               Lithuania             LoTW
NP2P        SOSB 40m          US Virgin Isls        LoTW
P44W        SOAB              Aruba                 LoTW/N2MM
PZ5XX                         Suriname              LoTW/OH0XX
SW8WW       SOAB LP           Greece                HA0HW
SX1T                          Greece                SV1ENG
V3A         M/S LP            Belize                LoTW/M0OXO
VB2Z        M/S HP            Canada                LoTW
VP5M        M/S LP            Turks & Caicos Isls   LoTW/K4QPL
YE1ZAZ      M/S HP            Indonesia             LoTW
Z3Y         M/S LP            Macedonia             Z37Y
Z68BH                         Kosovo                OH2BH
ZP9MCE      SOAB LP           Paraguay              LoTW/EA5ZD
Do not forget to give a look at the Announced Operations listing  maintained
by  Bill,  NG3K  at http://www.ng3k.com/Misc/wpxc2018.html - good contest to
you all!

                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ****  GOOD TO KNOW ... ****
                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                        Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

Access to the main functions of www.425dxn.org is provided by the 425DXN App
for Android. It is available on Google Play - free of charge, no ads. Enjoy!

425 DX NEWS MAGAZINE ---> The April 2018 issue is now available for download
at http://www.425dxn.org/index.php. [TNX IZ3EBA]

CQ CONTEST  &  CQ DX  HALL  OF  FAMERS ---> The  CQ  Contest  Hall  of  Fame
(established in  1986)  and  the  CQ DX  Hall of Fame  (established in 1967)
honour those amateurs who not only excel  in personal  performance in  these
major areas of  amateur  radio, but  who  also  "give back" to the  hobby in
outstanding ways.
The 2018 inductees to the CQ CONTEST HALL OF FAME are:
- Andy Blank, N2NT - Nominated by  the  Frankford Radio Club,  Andy has been
  the  director  of  the  CQ World Wide 160-Meter DX Contest  for  the  past
  decade.  A world-class  contester with wins stretching back to 1979,  Andy
  has  also  competed  in  five  Word  Radiosport Team  Championships (WRTC)
  competitions  and  was  Director  of  Competition for  WRTC-2014,  held in
  Massachusetts. He is also a member of the advisory board of the World Wide
  Radio Operators' Foundation (WWROF).
- Tom Wagner, N1MM - Nominated by both the  Yankee Clipper Contest Club  and
  the  Northern  California  Contest  Club,  Tom   is  best  known  for  his
  development of and ongoing upgrades to the N1MM Logger,  which has  become
  the world's most  popular contest  logging software.  The program supports
  more than 240 different contests, multiple operating modes and integration
  with any number of transceivers and  station accessories.  Tom now leads a
  team of  developers  who  are  developing  further enhancements  and  were
  recognized with the YASME Excellence Award in 2015.
CQ Contesting Editor David Siddall, K3ZJ, presented Hall of Fame plaques  at
an induction ceremony held at the  annual Dayton Contest  Dinner on  19 May.
This year's inductions bring the total number of  members of the  CQ Contest
Hall of Fame to 71.
The 2018 inductees to the CQ DX HALL OF FAME are:
- Kimo Chun, KH7U - was nominated by the  Dateline DX Association,  of which
  he  is  a  founding member.  He has operated on  many  major  DXpeditions,
  including  Kingman Reef,  Christmas Island,  Palmyra Atoll,  Cambodia  and
  Midway Island. In addition, he routinely provides logistical assistance to
  hams   planning  Pacific  island  DXpeditions;  and   provides  electronic
  maintenance  support  for  groups  administering   Pacific  island  nature
  preserves, including the Nature Conservancy and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife
  Service. A longtime member of Hawaii's Department of  Emergency Management
  RACES team, Kimo was recently  featured on  an  NBC News story about  last
  year's accidental  nuclear attack  alert message  sent out in Hawaii,  and
  emphasized the role played  by amateurs as  the first to alert the  public
  that the message was sent in error.
- Krassimir "Krassy" Petkov,  K1LZ/LZ1SA - Nominated  by  the  Araucaria  DX
  Group of Brazil, the Bulgarian Federation of Radio Amateurs and the Yankee
  Clipper Contest Club, Krassy has made many behind-the-scenes contributions
  to   DXing  and  contesting  over  the  years.  A  veteran  of  two  dozen
  DXpeditions,  Krassy  has  also  provided  or  arranged  financial  and/or
  material support to many others. He also co-founded the  Young Ham Contest
  Program in 2003, taking hams under  age  21 to operate in  major  contests
  from Caribbean superstations; and  served on the board  of the  2006 World
  Radiosport Team Championship  (WRTC) competition  in Brazil.  He has  also
  worked with fellow DXers during DXpeditions to  promote amateur radio  and
  provide equipment for hams in the countries in which the groups operated.
CQ DX Editor  Bob  Schenck, N2OO, presented  Hall  of  Fame  plaques  at  an
induction ceremony held  at  the  annual  Dayton DX Dinner  on 18 May.  This
year's inductions bring the total  number  of  members of the  CQ DX Hall of
Fame to 73.

FOOTBALL WORLD CUP RADIO MARATHON ---> A large number of  special  callsigns
from countries participating in the  Football World Cup tournament,  as well
as from other FIFA member countries  that  did not qualify  for  the finals,
will  be  active  between  1 June and 15 July.  Participating  stations  are
expected  from  Algeria (7X2FIFA),  Antigua & Barbuda (V218FIFA),  Argentina
(AY0FWC), Austria (OE18FIFA), Bahrain (A91FWC), Bermuda (VP9FIFA), Bosnia & 
Herzegovina  (E70FIFA),   Brazil  (ZZ18FWC),   Canada  (VB18FIFA),   Croatia
(9A18FIFA), Denmark (OU18FWC), Ecuador (HD18FIFA), Egypt (SU18FWC),  England
(GB18FWC),   France   (TM18FWC),   Germany  (DJ18FWC  and  DK18FWC),  Greece
(SX18FIFA),  Haiti  (HH18FIFA),  Hong Kong  (VR2FIFA),  Hungary  (HG18FIFA),
Indonesia  (YB18FIFA),   Iraq   (YI0FIFA),   Italy   (II9FIFA),   Kazakhstan
(UP18FIFA),  Korea  (DT18FIFA and DT18FWC),  Luxembourg (LX18FIFA),  Moldova
(ER18FIFA), Netherlands (PA18FIFA), New Zealand (ZL18FIFA), Northern Ireland
(GB18FIFA), Panama (HP18FWC), Peru (OC18FWC), Philippines (DX18FIFA), Poland
(3Z18FWC),  Portugal/Azores  (CR2018FWC),   Qatar  (A71FIFA),  Saudi  Arabia
(HZ18FIFA   and  HZ18FWC),   Scotland  (MB18FIFA:  10, 13, 14 July),  Serbia
(YU18FWC), Slovakia (OM18FIFA  and  OM2018FIFA),  Spain (AO18FWC),  Suriname
(PZ18FIFA), Sweden (7S18FWC, 8S18FWC, SB18FWC,  SC18FWC,  SD18FWC,  SE18FWC,
SF18FWC, SH18FWC and  SI18FWC),  United  Arab  Emirates  (A60FIFA),  Uruguay
(CW18FWC),  Venezuela  (YW18FIFA),  Wales  (MB18FIFA:  12 June and 12 July).
Complete information will be published on http://fwc18.hamlogs.net/.

IOTA DIRECTORY 2018 ---> Edited by Roger Balister (G3KMA) and Steve Telenius
-Lowe (PJ4DX), and  published  by  Islands On The Air (IOTA) Ltd,  the  2018
edition of the  IOTA Directory (128 pages) is now  available  from the  IOTA
Shop on https://www.iota-world.org/iota-shop.html. It contains the  complete
listing  of   IOTA  islands  as  well  as  everything  you need  to know  to
participate in IOTA. Included in the colour section are fascinating  reports
on  several  rare  IOTA  operations  (Ashmore Reef,  Bhola Island  &  and St
Martin's Island, Pukapuka Atoll, Busuanga Island,  Mokil Island).  The rules
have been  restructured  to make  them  easier to follow.  The list of  Most
Wanted IOTAs has been recast  to show the  listing in  three ways: based  on
contacts  credited all-time, credited to  those who updated  in the last  10
years and to those who did so in the last 5 years. Regular features such  as
the Honour Roll and other performance listings, award winners and advice  on
making a first application are also included.  This Directory  will probably
be the last paper edition to be printed.

KOSOVO & ALBANIA ---> Martti, OH2BH (Z68BH) and Pertti, OG2M (Z68MM) are  in
Kosovo "to  close several  open ends  with the  Kosovo Amateur Radio Society
(SHARK) and their Telecom administrators (ARKEP). This includes potential 6m
permits for the future". While in Kosovo, Z68BH will  participate in the  CQ
WW WPX CW Contest. Then they will move to Albania  with Z61DX  and  possibly
others, and be active  as ZA/OG2M  "specifically  on 6 metres".  Ultimately,
they will go to Friedrichshafen,  where "at DARC's  special invitation  they
will give a 'Mission Goodwill Kosovo' presentation  on  1 June at 4 p.m.  in
the lecture room Schweiz". As for Z60A QSLs, "all direct requests, OQRS  and
postal  have  been  mailed.  There is  no  backlog as  of  today.  The  LoTW
confirmations (54,419)  have now reached 55%  of the total  number of QSOs".

NCDXF ---> The Northern California DX Foundation (http://www.ncdxf.org/) has
announced the addition of two new Directors - Ross Forbes (K6GFJ) and George
Wallner (AA7JV) - to fill vacancies created by  retiring board members.  The
other  eight  members  of  the  Board of  Directors  are  John  Miller  K6MM
(President), Kip Edwards W6SZN (Secretary),  Don Greenbaum N1DG (Treasurer),
Kevin Rowett K6TD, Ned Stearns AA7A, Craig Thompson K9CT, Glenn Johnson W0GJ
and  Tom Berson ND2T (Directors).  The primary purpose of NCDXF is  to  help
fund  well-organized  DXpeditions  to rare,  difficult  and  expensive  DXCC

SOMALIA ---> Baldur, DJ6SI has left Hargeisa, Somalia earlier than expected.
He started operating as 6O0X [425DXN 1411],  but on  20 May his licence  was
changed to 6OX. QSL via home call.

                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ******* QSL  ROUTES *******
                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                        Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

CALL        MANAGER     CALL        MANAGER     CALL        MANAGER
3B9FR       M0OXO       GB8RNLI     G0NWM       PH18MILL    PI4ZHE
3B9RUN      EA7FTR      GN4FOC      G3SWH       PJ8RV       JA1HGY
3D2TS       FK1TS       GR0AAA      G3TXF       PJ8Z        JH1AJT
3W3B        E21EIC      GR0ANA      GW0ANA      PZ5XX       OH0XX
3W7W        W3HNK       GR3SG       GI3SG       R0LS/p      R0LS
3Z0I        SP7PTM      GR7VJR      M0OXO       R100LPU     RX1CQ
3Z1918N     SP6ZJP      GR9RW       G4DFI       R16JHM      UA9JLL
3Z70I       SP5PDB      GR9RW       G4DFI       R16JIG      UA9JLL
3Z70ISRAEL  SP5PDB      GT4FOC      G3SWH       R16JLA      UA9JLL
4X6TT       N4GNR       HF100JUNG   SP1KQR      R16JNG      UA9JLL
5B4AMX      LZ3SM       HF100LMR    SP5PLW      R16JNV      UA9JLL
5B80FOC     M0URX       HF100R      SP5PPK      R16JRA      UA9JLL
5R8SV       G3SWH       HF1918N     SP6OUJ      R16JSU      UA9JLL
6E5RM/XF3   XE3N        HF80TG      SP5PPK      R16JSV      UA9JLL
6O0X        DJ6SI       HG10CC      HA3JB       R16UGRA     UA9JLL
6OX         DJ6SI       HK3C        M0URX       R315SPB     UF1M
6Y6N        DK9PY       HK3TK       F5CWU       RI1FJ       UA2FM
7X2RO       OM3CGN      HR9/K1XM    KQ1F        RN85KN      R1MP
8R1A        W1CDC       HS0ZJF      ON4AFU      S590RTVS    S50E
9A61AA      9A2AA       IF9A        IT9ATF      SJ9WL       LA7TIA
9A8TQF      HB9TQF      II2MM       IQ2CF       SN0BEM      SP5KVW
9G5AR       N4GNR       II7FOC      I7ALE       SN0ZN       SP3PGR
9H18VLT     9H1SP       JG8NQJ/JD1  JA8CJY [d]  SP100L      SP1ZES
9H3AF       G8MLQ       JG8NQJ/JD1  JG8NQJ [b]  SP145PFT    SP5KCR
9H3KZ       G2BKZ       JW2US       LA2US       SP303PAF    SP5KCR
9H3SV       SV2CLJ      JW7QIA      LA7QIA      SP317PAF    SP5KCR
A25VR       VE7VR       KL7RRC/p    N7RO        SU9JG       EA5GL
A60ITU      A61BK       L66S        LU1SF       SW8WW       HA0HW
AP2NK       W3HNK       LG5LG       LA7TIA      T42A        RW6HS
CE2SV       N7RO        LY80FOC     LY5A [*]    TI5/N3KS    W4FS
CN8KD       EA5XX       MR0CCE      MD0CCE      TM100BS     F5KOU
CN8SG       EA7FTR      MR0GOR      MM0GOR      TM10KHW     F4HTN
CP4BT       DJ2BW       MR0HVU      MM0HVU      TM390SR     F4DTO
CP4MG       EA5KB       MR3AWD      MM3AWD      TM80FOC     F6JOE
CP5HK       EC5AC       OE6YHOTA    OE6SWG      TR8CA       F6CBC
CP6CL       W3HNK       OH0/SK3SN   SM3KIF      TT8FC       EA3GWK
CT9ABN      OM2VL       OH0PM       OH2PM       TZ4AM       W0SA
D41CV       IK2NCJ      OL10ROBOT   OK1DDV      UE80GS      UA1QV
E51BAS      AD7MM       OL90ITALIA  OK1ZKR      V31MA       M0OXO
E51DLD      W6HB        OS100V      ON4OS       VK9LI       VK2CA
E51HXM      WA6HXM      OT70BSE     ON7SS       VP2V/K6TOP  NR6M
E77A        9A2AA       OT70GBN     ON7SS       VR2/AH2Y    HL1IWD
EF0F        EA4URE      OT70ORA     ON7SS       YR18BEE     YO6LB
EG1MCP      EA1AUM      OV1RR       OZ1HHH      YR80FOC     YO3FLR
EG1SPR      EA1URV      OY1OF       M0URX       Z68AA       9A6AA
EG7DFA      EA7URM      P3X         5B4AMM      Z68RBJ      9A5RBJ
EL2EF       NR6M        P40AU       DF5AU       Z81D        OM3JW
FS/KH8Z     JH1AJT      PB18MILL    PB7Z        ZA/IK2RLM   IZ2LSP
GB0HSM      G4LKW       PB6MILL     PA7DA       ZA/IW2JOP   IW2HAJ

[*] for contacts made on 16-31 May 2018

DJ6SI    Baldur Drobnica, Zedernweg 6, 50127 Bergheim, Germany
ED9E     Mario Pilar Castro, Apartado Postal 418, 51001 Ceuta, Spain
GB100WO  John Wakefield, Oakhurst, Lower Common Road, West Wellow, Romsey,
         SO51 6BT, United Kingdom
UA2FM    Victor N. Loginov, P.O. Box 1122, Kaliningrad, 236019, Russia
VK2CA    Allan Meredith, P.O. Box 890, Mudgee NSW 2850, Australia
ZB2FOC   Derek Austin, P.O. Box 292, Gibraltar, Gibraltar
N7RO     Richard J. Moen, 2935 Plymouth Dr, Bellingham, WA 98225, USA


                425 DX NEWS HOME PAGE:  http://www.425dxn.org
                425 DX NEWS MAGAZINE:   http://www.425dxn.org/monthly


               425 DX News is a free of charge weekly bulletin
      edited by Mauro Pregliasco, I1JQJ and Valeria Pregliasco, IK1ADH

            Its contents may be used, reproduced and distributed
                        in part or full provided that
               "425 DX News" or "425DXN" receive proper credit

          Contributors are invited to send their DX information to
              Mauro Pregliasco, I1JQJ  (i1jqj...@gmail.com)    
                      The deadline is 12 UTC on Fridays


                           Direttore Responsabile
                            Gabriele Villa, I2VGW
               Giornalista Professionista - Tessera n. 071675
                      Ordine Nazionale dei Giornalisti
                                Roma, Italia

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